A short article on database sanity.

I’ve been working in DB schemas a lot lately, including making and correcting my own errors. Here’s a few rules to consistent »

Worked on this week

We’re working on a variety of projects currently. Parse, the popular backend-as-a-service, owned by Facebook, released news this week that they are shuttering their »

Angular.js & Parse - wrapping Parse API calls up in a tidy service

Spending a bit of time with Angular.js & Parse, there’s some rough edges to smooth out. I’m not quite there yet, »

Real life tips for using Vue.Js

It took me some convincing to see the point of using an MV* JS framework, and I haven’t looked back since. Vue.js is »

Laravel 5 snippet - Has many through many.

A current project has a requirement that users can share their jobs with other users. The dummy model is User→UserWhoHasSharedWithMe→Jobs First up »

On the road to better Javascript with Setters & Getters

Using Accessors or Properties for proper encapsulation of functionality As a free-form, loosely typed language Javascript polarises developers - we love it or hate it for »

Council and Government Website Development

We provide website design, development and copywriting services to all levels of Australian Government, including local councils, regional organisations and cities. Code Workshop pr »

Testing ASP.NET Web API with Javascript

ASP.NET Web API encourages creation of a RESTful API by populating controllers with GET (list), GET (record), POST (save), PUT (update) and DELETE (..delete) methods. »

Creating an Insightly CRM opportunity via API

Recently I had a query from a potential client about using a Gravity Form to raise an opportunity in their Insightly CRM system. After some quick »

Collecting correctly formatted Australian addresses on your website

Obtaining correctly formatted, validated, clean Australian addresses through your online store. Why bother with correct addresses? Collecting addresses from your customers is messy »