Collecting correctly formatted Australian addresses on your website

Obtaining correctly formatted, validated, clean Australian addresses through your online store.

Why bother with correct addresses?

  • Collecting addresses from your customers is messy business.

  • Trying to clean an address list down the track is intensive and expensive.

  • Having an accurate customer list builds business value.

Integrating the DataTools Kleber address capture and correction API for Australian address verification in an online store ensures that addresses you capture can be delivered to and used for customer contact in the future.

Obtaining a unique residential identifier can be useful for business domain requirements also - In the client’s case, ensuring a new customer is indeed a new customer when offering significant onboarding discounts.

We integrated the address capture form into an existing WordPress installation using javascript – as a user enters their address keystroke by keystroke, the data is sent off to address validation servers and a list of possible results is returned.

When the list is suitably small enough for the customer to see their street address they click to select their residential address and now we have a perfectly validated street address!

The underlying code sends the full returned information for storage on the server. The client loads this to a Google Map to visualise campaign effectiveness and concentrations of customers.

address validation kleber 3.gif