Council and Government Website Development

We provide website design, development and copywriting services to all levels of Australian Government, including local councils, regional organisations and cities.

Code Workshop provides a complete software package for government organisations.

Our government package includes:

  • content import and formatting

  • easy to maintain, established, comprehensive CMS package

  • Events & Calendar

  • Ecommerce & Billing

  • Full website search

  • 'Get in Touch' contact pages

  • Newsletter sign ups and mailouts

  • Administrator logins and roles

  • Social media integration

  • Integration with external CRM, data providers, API’s

  • Comprehensive training materials, workflows and documentation for staff.

Most importantly, the package comes with a modern, on-brand, customised design.

Additional functionality

  • Post to your website from Microsoft Word.

Content Import and Formatting

We will make heavy use of your existing website to export and prepare all existing content, images, videos and other media.

Everything is retained and ready for use in the new website.

Working with you, we will begin with the existing navigation structure of your website and adjust to suit your new website requirements and typical customer flows. For example, if 10% of your site visitors visit to pay their rates/taxes, we will make this a 'front-and-centre' navigation item for revenue collection.

Maintenance of Organisational Content

We provide a managed services product to our clients when required, where you can email your new content or website change requests and we’ll format and upload the whole package for you. This is useful for organisations without a content management team or dedicated resources.

For organisations with a dedicated resource or team, you can log into the industry standard CMS package and make changes yourself, safe with the comfort that backups are taken daily and you are free to change what you need. Re-organise menus, add and delete posts, upload new media, link videos, download and install plugins.

Events and Calendar - keeping your constituents up-to-date

Our government organisation software package includes an event calendar with an easy management interface for upload, maintenance and changes to events. The calendar tool has both a 'calendar' view and a fully customisable 'future events' widget for display throughout your website.

Ecommerce & Billing

We’ve worked on a wide range of ecommerce packages and individual billing needs. For government clients we offer billing based on client information (reference number, surname, billing amount) with data upload and download for reconciliation. Code Workshop also offer bespoke development, so we can carry out the work required to fit your existing back-end data store.

The first line of defense with client contact is doing everything possible to present the information they need on the website, to prevent a phone call or email when not required. Our package includes full site search functionality, so a user can search for 'pay rates' and find the payment portal. Or search for a development proposal number to find published information about a development application.

'Get in Touch'

If the client does need to get in touch, our contact information page provides facebook, email, phone and physical locations for the client to get in touch. You can use this page to display helpful information such as opening hours and further information to filter requests (such as a link to an FAQ page)

Mailing list management and newsletter subscribers

Capture your constituent email addresses and prepare email newsletters for them using the mailing list component of the government website development package

Integration and custom software development

As a custom software development business at heart, Code Workshop can create the tools required to interface the new website with your existing back-end systems in a way to reduce manual workload and double handling of data in day to day work. We integrate with API’s, export and import data to and from text, CSV, Excel and XML and can update your API enabled software packages in real time.

Day to day - training and documentation!

Bundled in the cost of our government development program is comprehensive 'train-the-trainer' documentation and one on one sessions to ensure the primary users and trainers of the platform are comfortable and confident in day to day usage, and confident to train other staff in usage and updates. We take intra-day and daily backups to ensure that any big issues are easy to reverse and just a phone call or SMS away.

So in conclusion…​

Code Workshop would love to work with your local council/city/government organisation in your website redevelopment process. We have the experience, know-how and patience to deliver your modern and user-friendly website.

Take a look at our demo website at which makes use of all the functionality I mentioned above.